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We are able to put the pieces together and to use such understanding to solve problems and  create new ideas.


Positioning yourself as a problem solver helps your clients instantly see how working with you will make a difference in their life and/or business.

Leadership, Creativity,

Creativity is essential to the entrepreneurship that gets new businesses and it sustains the best companies after they have reached global scale.

Where we operate from

Mavuya Attorneys INC trading is a dynamic boutique law firm located in  a busy hub of Bloemfontein and within a walking distance of Magistrate Court, High Court, Supreme Court of Appeal , CCMA and the Master’s Office.

Reporting back to our clients on regular basis

We use a sms computerized system to keep clients abreast of any developments in their cases via their cell phones. We do not wait you to enquire on the recent developments on your case; instead we continuously revert back to you.


We are situated in the hub of the city. You do not have to travel extra hours to get to us. You are more than just client of Mavuya Attorneys INC. We endeavor to welcome and service you with a smile and humility like a part of our family.

and Compassionate

We understand that clients approach us during the most difficult times , thus we are here to listen to our clients ‘problem regardless how big or small the trouble is. We attempt to move fast. It is our understanding that fast and efficiency form part of a high quality legal service.

Mavuya Attorneys Inc is a boutique law firm and has the pleasure to act as a correspondent.

If you want to be represented by the best law firm for your case then do not hesitate and write us a mail!

Areas of expertise

Please see our Area’s of Practice below.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Labour And Employment Law

Commercial Law

Criminal and Civil Litigation

Family Law

Testament and Estates

Medical Negligence


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